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Jasmine Java - Auto FTP Uploader
Download Version 1.51: ZIP File: (15.Sep.2008)
Jasmine Java require Java 1.5.x platform.
From Sep 2008, I changed my main platform to MacOS X. So I mainly tested on MacOS X 10.5.x, but it may work on Windows and other unix environment.
Download relational files: Java JDK or JRE
OS/2 (as is)
The Wall - Wallpaper Changer plus
Download Ver. 3.50: ZIP file | WPI file (12.Sep.2004)
Gismo - HTML Color Coordinating Utility
Download Ver 2.20: ZIP file | WPI file (26.Oct.2002)
Jasmine - Auto FTP Uploader
Download Version 4.00: ZIP file | WPI file (12.Sep.2004)
Download Version 4.01 beta 5: ZIP file | WPI file (03.Nov.2004)
PopCD! - Pop Up CD-ROM Object Utility
Download Version 3.50: ZIP file | WPI file (12.Sep.2004)
Beat - Swatch Internet Time Indicator
Download Version 2.02: ZIP file | WPI file (28.Aug.1999)
Readme: English | Screenshot
Download relational files: WarpIN | VX-Rexx 2.10d | EMX 0.9d