Marine Expo is an Alternative Pop Unit moving on the World at the beginning of the 21 century, formed by Ken Kinoshita and mie mie. Attention to its prolific talent, already infiltrate to music maniacs.

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"Marine Expo"
Currach Records (21.Oct.2001), (21.Nov.2001)
Lyrics (PDF) : English | Japanese
"Music for the Las Vegas Strip"
Heyday Records Sampler (2002)
#9.Black Cat / Marine Expo
Heyday Records
"Shoot the STAR"
Shonan Seaside Radio Compilation CD (2001)
#5.Metronome / Marine Expo
#6.Bonbori / Marine Expo
Shonan Seaside Raio
"Phantom Crash"
XBOX Game (2002)
Genki Co.,Ltd.

Marine Expo is...
miemie - Voice
Ken Kinoshita - Instruments
Satomilk - Keyboard
Junko - Chorus, etc
Ayako - Belly Dance

MP3 demo songs


1st CD `Marine Expo' Review on Japanese Magazine `Gekkan Kayoukyoku, 2002.02' (Dec.2001)

Peace Work Music
"Delightful 80s/New Wave casio technopop, fresh from Japan!"