Duel is the international coalition of Pretty Pop's 80's retro sound, and the lyrics and vocals of Mel Ushikubo, a Canadian singer making her mark in Tokyo. As always, Ken Kinoshita creates sounds and rhythms that entrance. Now Mel, a driven and passionate vocalist, brings a whole new dimension. This pop isn't just pretty, it's dessert.

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Duel debut CD "Duel"

Includes 7 pop songs.
Heyday Records Compilation CD 2010
Heyday Records Compilation CD 2010
Duel's pop tunes is on Heyday Records Compilation CD 2010!
8.Could He Be the One? / Duel
Contains David J (Bauhouse, Love & Rockets), Peter Willson-Piper (The Church), The Duo-Tones, and more.
Label: Heyday Records