Pretty Pop Compilation CD
Pretty Pop - contains colorful 17 pop songs of Frau, Eva, Betwixt, and mews

Label : Heyday Records
Catalogue No. HEY-077-2
Release Date : 06.Apr.2006
© 2006 Pretty Pop

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Voices : Asami (Frau), Eva (Eva), Sayaka (Betwixt), Christina (mews)
Instruments : Ken Kinoshita

Links: Frau Eva Betwixt mews

* Heyday Records, once called "One of the ten most adventurous small labels in the world" by Rolling Stone Magazine.

PRETTY POP: Pretty Pop
Song List:
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  1. Placebo / Betwixt
  2. Seaside Solution / Frau
  3. I Say It's Not / mews
  4. Birdcage / Eva
  5. Dejavu / Betwixt
  6. Long Distance / Frau
  7. Pretty Pop / Betwixt
  8. King Drake / mews
  9. Stolid Uneasiness / Frau
  10. Summer Dreaming / Betwixt
  11. Honest / Frau
  12. Mu and Sasa's Holiday / Betwixt
  13. Apricot Beauty / Eva
  14. Zunda Green / Betwixt
  15. Pont Neuf / mews
  16. Time Will Tell / Frau
  17. Moeroa : Deep Sleep / Betwixt

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Heyday Records: `Heyday is proud to announce an exclusive agreement with Japanese label Pretty Pop to release their artists in the U.S.'
Shine (French Asian Pop Culture Magazine): `...Musically speaking, Pretty Pop is clearly a revival of 80's music with a domination of simple and heady melodies, proving electronic music can exist without being only unbearable "boom clap boom clap". Discover it and keep an eye on it...' - Sébastien Morand